Our Sustainability


Sustainability is our driver of innovation for remaining environmentally responsible. New England is the forefront for environmental conservation and as our home, we have an obligation to continue our promise to our environment and communities we serve. Midway is consistently aiming to reduce the impact that our work has on the areas around it while continuing to build resilient infrastructure.

In the field, recycled elements are incorporated into all aspects of our projects wherever possible and excellent waste management behaviors boast creativity and cost-effective solutions. The Midway fleet is comprised of vehicles that meet even the most stringent emission regulations. Each vehicle and motorized piece of equipment is maintained and serviced regularly to the highest of standards, providing the best fuel efficiency and ensuring the machinery is running cleanly.

In the office, locations in Seabrook and Bow, NH were built with conservative energy consumption in mind. Outfitted with Hi-Efficiency HVAC units coupled with effective insulation and energy rated windows and doors, both locations draw minimum energy use during all seasons. Company policies regarding garbage disposal and separate recycling receptacle use promotes workplace cleanliness and responsible environmental practices. Our Fleet Maintenance facility is equipped with disposal and containment systems promoting clean recycling of fluids and excellent spill protection. All chemicals, cleaners, greases, and fuels are stored in approved containers and inspected regularly.

As one of the top contractors in our field, it is our mission to support the delivery of clean fuels and energy while protecting ecosystems and providing restoration standards of as good or better condition than when we arrived. At Midway, all business decisions are made mindful of our goal of long-term sustainability.

“Everyone is doing an amazing job. They always answer any questions. They take their time and they are quiet with the work being done. They always clean up very thoroughly after the day is done.”


Concord, NH Resident

“I’m blown away with your company and the caring & professionalism you all have shown my family”

Laconia Resident

“Tony did a great job with the project, exceeded time completion expectations”

Utility Company Representative

“Joe P was excellent at planning ahead and bringing issues and concerns to Liberty prior to work being conducted minimizing down time and keeping the flow of work as continuous as possible.”

Liberty Utilities Construction Supervisor

The installation went very well, I’m so impressed with the quality of the workmanship

Residential Customer, Manchester, NH